How it Works

Every CareerNodes user is a unique person having a unique careerpath and a completely different intent at any point in time. In order to give each user a highly personalised experience based on the user’s profile, intent & context, CareerNodes platform uses the inhouse developed "sitelet" technology.

A sitelet is very small instance of microsite which is built with the purpose of addressing a particular intent of a particular person in a particular context. Every sitelet has a defined purpose that it has to achieve.

A sitelet goes out of the way to fulfil the purpose that it has been assigned, even if it means being proactive and outbound. This ensures that the sitelet works even when the user isn’t. The sitelet destroys itself only after it achieves the purpose and has communicated the same with the platform.

This has already been tried and tested by our corporate customers, who are using the sitelets for their customer acquisition and user engagement to give each of their customers a uniquely customised / personalised / contextualised experience.

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