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Our AI Algorithms have learnt from career paths of millions of Indians, so that you can gain from their experiences

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What trends matter?

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How it works

Our AI Algorithms have learnt from career paths of millions. It can now help predict the outcome of your career decision by finding careerpaths similar to yours.


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Evaluate machine generated suggestions to make and manage an actionable career plan that helps achieve your goal

Been there, done that

Someone once took a path similar to the one you want to take. Use our machine to learn from their experiences


Before every career decision

A career node is a stint and a series of nodes make up your career path. Each career move is an edge between two nodes and has a long term impact on your career capital. Unfortunately for most career choices, only the short term benefits are known. Get Tina (your automated career assistant) by your side so that long term outcome of any career decision is fully visible to you.

So look before you leap

Be wary of ill informed career decisions that could hurt several years down the line

Exit options

Are exit options likely to improve or worsen?

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Are you getting closer to your career goal?

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Getting started

There's no single way to start. That depends on where you are. Here are some clues to help decide what's best for you


The best way to get started if you have time on your hands. Explore industry trends. Assess major companies. Understand the roles you fit in. Carry out what-if analysis. Ask an expert. Identify your goal


The best way to get started if you have identified your goal. Make a comprehensive and actionable goal based plan. Leave little to chance with a backup plan. Track your actions until you succeed


The best way to get started if you are short on time. Discover machine generated suggestions. Let your intuitive actions generate a plan automatically. And find cross-vertical results to address today's needs

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People now use CareerNodes to not only enhance their topline income but also to save money and increase their bottomline income. The most popular way they do so is by lowering EMI payments


Now there's a single view for all your goals, actions, tasks and decisions. CareerNodes does what you need freeing you up to do what you want


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